/ˈkɒki / (say 'kokee)

adjective (cockier, cockiest)
arrogantly smart; pertly self-assertive; conceited: a cocky fellow; a cocky air; a cocky answer.
{cock1 + -y1}
cockily, adverb
cockiness, noun
/ˈkɒki / (say 'kokee) Colloquial

noun (plural cockies)
1. a cockatoo, or other parrot.
2. a farmer, especially one who farms in a small way: *The cocky's a hard-working bloke / From dawn till night-lamp's flicker –keith garvey, 1979.
verb (i) (cockied, cockying)
3. to follow the occupation of a farmer.
4. a mouth like a cocky's cage, a mouth which is unpleasantly furred, as a result of sickness, excess drinking, etc.
5. like the cocky on the biscuit tin, in a solitary fashion. {Phrase Origin: from the single parrot of the Arnott's Biscuits logo}
Also, cockie. {cock(atoo)1 + -y2}
/ˈkɒki / (say 'kokee)

noun (plural cockies)
a cockroach.
Also, cockie. {cock(roach) + -y2}

Australian English dictionary. 2014.

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